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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What should I send with my horse?

A:  Original CVI, Coggins paperwork, and halter with lead rope.  We will provide hay, water, and shavings.  If you have a preference of hay let us know and we can make sure to have it for the flight. 

Q:  Can I send tack and equipment?

A:  Yes, space permitting.  We need to have enough space in the stall to access your horse during transit.

Q:  Should I wrap or use shipping boots?

A:  Yes, only if your horse has been shipped with boots and/or wraps regularly.  We do not recommend using shipping boots for the first time on the flight.  The stalls are fully enclosed with smooth walls.  We do not have access to the rear of the stalls during transit so if the shipping boots become loose or soiled we will not be able to remove them.

Q:  Will my horse be tranquilized during the flight?

A:  Only in situations where a horse becomes a danger to itself, other horses, or humans.


Q:  Do I need insurance?

A:  We highly recommend you acquire insurance for your horse during transit.  There are many different options and we are more than happy to refer you to an insurance provider.

Q:  Besides the “plane ticket” what are the other costs involved?

A:  There are many costs associated with shipping horses to and from Hawaii.  Generally, lay-overs are $25 a day per horse.  Transportation to and from lay-over barn/airports are $200 per horse.  Other costs that can come up are additional CVI’s that may be required if originals have expired, $125.  We can include all these on one invoice for your convenience.  

Q:  Will you help me coordinate ground transportation, lay-overs, and paperwork?

A:  Absolutely!

Q:  How will I know my horse is ok?

A:  We will provide pictures and regular updates during your horses’ transit.  Your horse will always be accompanied by an attendant.  We are there to make sure your horse has plenty of feed, water, and TLC. 

Q: Can I track the plane? 

A: Yes, download the FlightAware app on your phone. The Airline is Kalitta and the flight number will be 368 LAX to HNL and 369 for HNL to LAX. 


 If you have any other questions just give us a call, anytime.



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