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Equine & Livestock Air Transport Service

“Providing Livestock a first class ticket across the Pacific”

Latigo Livestock Air Transport wants to ensure a low stress experience for both owners and their animals.  The coordination of ground transportation, lay-overs, health requirements, and all the other aspects of the transportation process can be hectic.  We are here to make that process smooth and first class all the way.  We believe our animals are family and we want to extend the same commitment to all the livestock that travel with us.









Aloha! My name is Adrianne Cruz. I was born and raised in Hawaii and grew up in the local horse community.  I have a firsthand understanding of the challenges of livestock movement between the Hawaiian Islands and the Mainland.  Before I became the owner and operator of Latigo Livestock Air Transport, I traveled for many years as an attendant with all breeds and disciplines’ of horses.  My years as an attendant taught me the business from the ground up.  My goal has always been to bring my expertise back home to Hawaii. 

I began with a simple plan, take care of the animals, charge a fair price, and give great service.  Throughout the years of bringing horses into Hawaii, I have learned the value of service, and the importance of communication. 

If you buy it, we will fly it!  

Specializing in horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, alpacas, and even exotics……. 


Meet the Latigo Family

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